Fire Protection - Responsibility and Expertise

Often tiny sparks or a moment of or inattention can lead to a big fire and considerable damage. Proactive fire protection is the best prevention strategy. Our professional fire protection concept includes the prevention of risks and dangers that may cause fire as well as optimization and evacuation measures.  Fire protection is a complex issue and often a legal requirement. There are many laws, regulations and guidelines concerning fire safety in Germany. Tectum Security Service guarantees the compliance with all legal provisions regarding fire safety. We make sure your fire protection measures are in accordance with strict safety criteria – if desired, we can adjust these to your individual needs.

In addition, Tectum Security Service employs fire protection officers. These experts are trained and certified by internationally recognized and accredited educational institutions. A fire protection officer is a specifically trained person commissioned by a company active in preventive fire protection. Given the special training and high level of responsibility of a fire protection officer, this job is of utmost importance. The involvement of a fire protection officer may also reduce the amount of payable insurance premiums.

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